Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Story: In The Beginning

My name is Blueper, Blueper B to be exact.  I don’t remember much about my early days.  My memory picks up when I found myself in a toy shop in Lewes, Delaware.  All day I watched people in swimsuits come in and look around at all of the toys.  Every now and the someone would walk by and smile at me, but they always kept right on walking, usually towards the Legos or the pretty dolls or the cute bunny and bear and even frog stuffed animals.  No one seemed interested in me.  I guess I can see why.
I am a blue and orange monster.  I LOVE all things blue and orange.  I have orange horns,  blue fur with some distinctive orange accents, two lower teeth and four orange nails on each limb.  Don”t I sound cute?  I hear you laughing at me!  June 19th turned out to be my lucky day, though I have to admit, I was not so sure at first.
These two people wandered into the toy store and picked me up.  They talked to me and they carried me around with them for quite awhile.  I could hear them whispering things to each other,  but I couldn't make out everything they were saying.  I knew that they were talking about me.  I have to say, it was kind of weird; these two old folks were in a toy store and they had no little monsters with them; I never even heard them mention anything about grand monsters for which they needed to buy a token of affection.  So what was their deal?
I gave them the thrice over.  The Mister guy was wearing a blue shirt and the Lady was wearing an orange T-shirt.  These things were promising.  They gave me hugs and they rubbed my head making no cruel comments about my horns.  They smoothed my messy blue fur away from my eyes so that I could get a good luck at them.  The Mister guy was bald, something to which I cant relate and the Lady had white hair.  They were definitely different looking than me, but something inside me told me not to judge these people by their fur color or, for that matter, their lack of fur.  I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I was I kind of liked these folks and I started daydreaming about what my life might be like if these folks adopted me and took me home with them.
We walked toward the cash register in the store, the Mister gave the lady this blue plastic thing (another blue thing was good) and she told them that she hoped that they enjoyed having me.  Yay!  I had a family!
They didn't put me in a plastic cage and carry me out of the toy store.  The Mister guy put me on his shoulder and walked out so I could see where I was going.  We strolled along the busy downtown street.  Some people smiled, others pointed and laughed.  I’m sure it was at the Mister guy with no fur and the Lady with the white hair.  Blue and orange fur is nothing to laugh at.

The first place that they took me was to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.    This church is even older than Mister B!  It has been around since 1680.  They told me all about it this little church, but so much was new to me that I can't remember it all.  If you like history, you should follow the link to St. Peter's Church in Lewes.

Was this a good thing?  Ten minutes with me and they already needed divine intervention?  As it turned out, we sat in the church all by ourselves and thanked God for bringing us together.  I learned that God loves people of all colors, even those of us with orange and blue fur, orange horns, and only two teeth.   Oh, God loves bald guys too!

I knew right away that Mister B and the Lady loved me and would take very good care of me.
The Lady has this thing that she carries around her neck.  Every so often she holds it up to her face and tells the Mister guy, who then tells me, to look at her.  She called it a camera and told me that one of her favorite things to do was take pictures.  She also told me that she would take lots of pictures of me everywhere we went.  Pictures of me everywhere we went?  I guess that means that I get to go with them on their adventures.  That beats hanging out, literally, in the toy store every day.
I wonder where we’ll go?  I wonder what we’ll see?  I wonder who we’ll meet?  Stay tuned here.  This is the place where I will chronicle my life and adventures with my new family - Mister B and Lady B.