Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nose Job

Just when I was about to call (LBAOFMPS (Little Blue An Orange Furry Monster Protective Services) because Mr. Guy and The Lady haven't taken me to do anything fun in a long time, they woke me up early this morning and told me that we were going on an adventure this weekend.  I was a little irritated because I had no time to figure out which t-shirts I wanted to wear for our adventure.  The Lady said that where we were going, it was cold and that a t-shirt, even with all of my fur, would not keep me warm.  She told me that the weather was perfect for me to wear my new orange sweater that Ms. Joni made for me over the summer.  That made me smile!  I have not had an opportunity to wear it yet.

We got to the airport very early.  The clock had threes and zeros in the time and it was very dark outside.  It sure seemed like nighttime to me, but there were lots of people at the airport.  We stood in line for a long time before Mr. Guy put me in the bin and the guys in the blue shirts took pictures of my insides.  That took so long that we didn't have to wait at all before it was time to get on the plane.

We found our seats and got settled.

And then we sat and sat.  Mr. Guy told me that we were supposed to leave at 5:05am(no wonder it felt like night time), but that didn't happen.  I fell asleep for a little while.  When I woke up, we were still on the ground.  A guy in a not so pretty green vest was talking to the pilot.  Ive seen these guys outside the plane before, but never inside.  I wasn't sure seeing him inside was a good thing.

About the time I decided things were OK, the pilot announced that we had too much fuel on the plane and they were going to take some off.  I don't know anything about flying planes, but I'm pretty sure that they need fuel to fly and I think that too much is better than too little.  The airplane people didn't agree with me.  We stayed on the ground for an extra hour while they drained some fuel.

We finally took off and I went back to sleep.

I was awaken by hearing the pilot talking to us again.  This time he was saying that the airplane's nose had a problem.  I thought that maybe the airplane might have a cold, but Mr. Guy said it was more serious than that.  He said that an airplane's nose has a wheel and we need that wheel to land on the ground.  Our airplane's nose was broken.  That sounded even more serious than there being too much fuel on the plane or the airplane having a cold.

The pilot flew us around and around in circles to burn even more fuel.  He told us that we were going to try to land and don't be alarmed by all of the fire trucks and rescue vehicles on the runway. I wasn't alarmed;  I was worried!  I have been on lots of airplanes and we have never landed with fire trucks on the runway.  Mr. Guy told me that since they had taken the extra fuel off of the plane there shouldn't be too much that could catch on fire if we landed wrong.  That did not make me feel any better.  I was a kind of scared little blue and orange furry monster.

Happily, we landed OK.  We bumped a little and then stopped on the runway.  The fire trucks all watched us.  And, I watched them.

Then we waited for a tow truck to pull us to the gate so that we could get off the plane.  In the end everything was OK, but this was more adventure than this little monster wanted!

In all of the plane excitement, I never even asked Mr. Guy and The Lady where we were going.  I remembered to do that when we got off of the plane.  They told me that we were flying to Newport News, Virginia and then driving to meet some picture taking people in Colonial Williamsburg.  I was not too excited about getting on another plane today, but I was a brave monster. The Lady told me that we were meeting the same people that I met back in June at The Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  Finally, something happy in my day!  I liked the day that I spent with these picture taking ladies over the summer.

I stayed awake on this second flight.  I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times!  This flight was much shorter and much less eventful.  The most exciting thing about it was that I got popcorn in an orange bag!

When we finally got to our hotel, I was a sleepy little monster.  Mr. Guy and The Lady went to dinner with a few of the picture taking people and their significant others.  I stayed at the hotel and slept.  I may have watched a little bit of HGTV, but mostly I slept.  I want to be all rested for tomorrow when I get to visit Colonial Williamsburg with my friends.

While I was writing this, The Lady told me that she got a message from Ms. Sherri, one of The Lady's picture taking friends and one of my Hundred People friends. She is meeting us tomorrow and told The Lady that she has a surprise for me!  I like surprises.  Well, some surprises.  I like the ones that nice people make for me.  I don't think I like the kind of surprises that airplanes make!

Good night!