Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cars, Trucks, and Airplanes

Hi everyone!   It's me, and I'm back!  Have you missed me?  Life for Mister Guy, The Lady, and me has been crazy busy since I last posted.  Mr Guy and The Lady spend way too much time teaching and not enough time helping me with my blog.  That's just my opinion.  But I do love them and they take very good care of me!

Today I was going to write about our Christmas, but I had a very special day today so my Christmas stories, which aren't very exciting except that I got some new T-shirts, will just have to wait.

Mr. Guy and The Lady decided to end the old year...or is it begin the new buying a new car.  They actually bought it in New Year's Eve.  Does that make it the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016?  Are beginnings and endings the same thing?  Do they always happen together?  Can you have a beginning without an ending?  2015 had to end for 2016 to begin.  2016 had to begin for 2015 to end.  This is way too complicated for a little blue and orange furry monster to figure out!  Maybe The Lady can explain it to me.  But, not now because right now I am going to tell you about my exciting morning.

Because it was so late on New Year's eve when Mr. Guy and The Lady finished all the paperwork on their new car, the dealership did not have time to clean it and make it pretty for them before they closed so the salesman very nicely said to bring it back today and they would do all of that stuff.  I'm not sure why Mr. Guy and The Lady decided to take me with them this morning, but they did and I am really, really glad!

When we walked in, I saw a great big blue truck with blue and orange balloons.  I was sure that that was the new car we were getting because I love blue and orange and Mr. Guy and The Lady know that.  

I asked Mr. Guy if this was our new car and he said, "NO!.."  It is way too big.  I would be like I was driving an airplane if we got that truck."  I have been on lots of airplanes, and it didn't look THAT big, but since Mr. Guy is the driver, I guess he knows.  If we are going to ride in an airplane, I don't want Mr. Guy to be driving; I want him to hold me on his lap like he always does so that I can look out the window!

Almost as soon as we walked in the door, a really nice man starting talking to us.  His name was Mr. Edwin.  Mr. Edwin asked Mr. Guy and The Lady all about me.  After hearing our story, he volunteered to have his picture taken with me.  Yay!  It has been awhile since I have added anyone to my 100 People project.  I am going to have to get busy in the next six months to get to 100 before my "birthday."

Meet Mr. Edwin!

At the car store, he is a salesman, but he did not sell us our new car.  Mr. Edwin has another job too.  He hosts a radio show called, Juicy Talk.  It was exciting enough to meet a radio personality.  But even more exciting than that is that Mr. Edwin said that maybe, just maybe, that we--me, Mr. Guy, and The Lady--someday could come to talk to him and his show and share our story with other people.  That would be so much fun for this little blue and orange furry monster!!!  The Lady gave Mr. Edwin our card and he gave her his information so this could happen if Mr. Edwin doesn't get too busy selling cars and Mr. Guy and The Lady don't get too busy teaching.  I hope this works out because I am a very happy and lucky little monster and I would love to share those things with the world.

I don't watch TV or read the newspaper because I know that a lot of the news is sad and scary.  I am too little to want to know all of the terrible details of many of the things going on in the world.  Fortunately, my family takes good care of me and takes me places where I meet lots of nice people who are very nice and are also willing to be part of my 100 People Project.  Today I am grateful for having met Mr. Edwin!  I hope I get to see him again...or maybe I'll just get to hear him on the radio.

And back to the now less exciting news...our new car.  We didn't get the airplane-like big blue truck, but I did take a minute to pretend to be the co-pilot.    

What do you think?  Would I make a good co-pilot?  I guess that first I have to find a pilot since Mr. Guy won't do it.

After all of my pictures, I got to play while the service department finished "detailing" (what a funny word) our car.

Our new car is much smaller than the blue truck.  Mr. Guy showed me pictures and told me all about it.

I guess it is kind of like the little tiny airplanes we flew on between Philadelphia and Salisbury all those times, and the big blue truck is like the jets. drinks or snacks on those little airplanes. I'm not so sure about this new little car.  The blue truck was so big I bet it had a refrigerator and microwave!!!  I suspect what I'll get in our car is only my lunchbox.  Oh well, that is better than nothing.

I like our new airplane car.  It is quite comfortable.  Mr. Guy even let me sit in the pilot's seat before it was time to buckle up and head home.  

Thank you to Mr. Edwin and all of the folks at Freeman Buick GMC in Grapevine, Texas for making my whole family happy!

Mr. Guy, The Lady, and I all wish you and those you love and happy and blessed 2016!