Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm Still Here! And It's Snowing!

Today we had a talk at our house about time management. I was feeling a little bit ignored. Even though I spend most of my time in our office with The Lady and Mr Guy while they're doing stuff, they haven’t really taken me many places (actually, they haven't really gone anywhere) or helped me post to my blog. Big orange fingers don’t work too well on the computer keyboard, so I need their help. I was feeling left out.  I think they understand how I am feeling.  They told me that they felt badly too.

 I know The Lady and Mr Guy are busy. The Lady does her pictures everyday for Capture Your 365 and has started a new blog with her friend Ms. Tracey.   You can see it at Plates, Pixels, and LOLS’s. (Ms, Tracey is another of the Lady's photography friends.  I hope that I get to meet her some day like I did Ms. Michele and Ms. Peggy.  So far all of those people with cameras have been fun people.) The Lady also has a lot to do for the school where she teaches. They haven’t given her an office so she does a lot of her stuff at home. That is not nice of them.   Her school stuff is taking over my T-shirt shelf!

Mr Guy does stuff for his school too. He doesn't take pictures, though. That’s why you see him and me in most of the pictures. The Lady has to take them. Mr Guy does help me to do some of the writing and The Lady fixes up what we say.

And lately they have been dealing with the things from the Captain’s life. I am so glad I got to meet the Captain last year.  It makes me sad to think he is gone and I will not get to see him again. But he was a good man and he had lots of friends who will make sure he is not forgotten.  He and I will always have Lewes in common.

So whenever I feel left out I remember that there are lots of things going on and that orange and blue furry monsters sometimes need to be patient.   But, Mr. Guy and The Lady also told me that it is OK to tell them when I am feeling sad and unhappy.

Earlier in the week it was icy and I was glad not to go outside. We all stayed home and rested. It was very nice. Only the dogs went outside. I guess their fur keeps them warm.  But yesterday it started to snow and snowed all day long! This morning, after our talk, we went out to see it. I got to wear The Captain's beanie to keep my orange horns warm. I had never seen snow so I did not know what it was like.

It was kind of weird looking!  Snow is cold! And it is white! I looked through the tree and all I could see was lots of white everywhere.

 It was hard to believe this all came down from the sky! Mr Guy said it does not happen that often here, but in other parts of the country, they have lots and lots of snow...way more than we have here in Texas. He said we get a lot of ice here   Snow is way more fun than ice.

While we were out playing,  I looked at the house I saw Frankie the cat sitting in the window. I went over to say “hello."

I know that she would have been very cold if she had come outside.  The Mister Guy said that she is an indoor monster cat.  She doens't come outside unless she is sitting in someone's lap.  I couldnt tell if she was sad about being inside while we were playing in the snow.

I made a "snow angel," sort of.

I also made a snowball, with a little help.

Mr Guy and The Lady said that you can throw them like a baseball, whatever that is, and that people sometimes have snowball fights. They throw snowballs at each other for fun. I am not so sure about that. I don't like anything that sounds like a fight. I really don’t like fighting.  The Lady and Mr Guy said it doesn’t hurt when it is just snowballs.  I tried to throw my snowball, but I wasn't very good at it and I didn't hit anything.

Our snow had a crackly layer of ice on it.  I think that might hurt someone.

The Lady said that sometimes people make snowmen out of the snow, but that here has to be a lot of snow for that, more than we have. She described a snowman as three different sized balls made from snow stacked on top of each other with the biggest one on the bottom and the smallest one on the top.  She said that you can give your snowman eyes with something like buttons and a nose with a carrot.  He can even have a hat and scarf. When she described a snowman, I remembered something from last December.

Back at Christmas time, The Lady took a whole bunch of pictures of me in my fancy clothes.  I got this weird thing with no sleeves that The Lady called "a vest."  She told me it was for special occaisions, when my T-shirts were "not appropriate."  I can't really think of such an occaisions, but she assured me that they do exist.  I don't think that I like them.

Anyway, The Lady and Mister Guy felt really bad that they never helped me post my Christmas pictures.  They told me that even though it is past Christmas and past Valentine's Day and is almost spring, we could still post them.  So we are having Christmas in February...almost March.

And, we are going to be better at sharing more family time together and documenting and writing about it as we go!  Mister Guy and I started this morning by having a warm cup of coffee after we came in from playing in the snow.  We talked about all the things we want to do and see this spring and all the places that we can go.

 I am now an excited, rather than a sad, furry blue and orange monster!