Friday, July 14, 2017

Orange You Glad To See Me In NYC!

This week was both fun and a little strange.  I went on an adventure.  And The Lady went on the adventure.  But, Mr. Guy did not go on this adventure with us.  We went to New York City.  Mr. Guy had important stuff to do here at home.  Plus, he said that he doesn't really like New York City.  That made me a little nervous.  I was afraid that I wouldn't like it either, but I decided to be a brave little blue and orange furry monster and go.  I hoped that The Lady, Offspring #2, and The Young Guy would take good care of me.

Mr. Guy always carried me in airports and I always sit on his lap on the airplanes.  It felt funny to sit on The Lady's lap, especially because we had kind of a bumpy ride to New York and I got a little scared.  It all worked out, though.  The Lady did OK but I hope that next time I fly somewhere that Mr. Guy goes too.

We landed in New York and had to take a taxi to our hotel.  

I have never ridden in a taxi before.  It was like the fancy black cars that have picked us up at airports before, the lemonzines, except that it wasn't fancy and wasn't black.  It was yellow.  That was all OK.  We crossed some bridges and went in a tunnel and passed lots of big buildings.  Then we got to our hotel.  The Young Guy picked the hotel and made the reservations.  It was called the Mobile Noble Den.  We have a den at our house, but it doesn't have a bed.  I thought maybe The Lady and I might have to sleep on a couch.  We don't have a bathroom in our at-home den either.  Maybe that's because it is just a den, not a noble den.  Hopefully the noble part means that it has a bed and a bathroom in addition to a couch.

The Lady and I shared a room and Offspring #2 and The Young Guy had another room.  The room that The Lady and I had was perfect for us.  It was all orange!!!  Everything was orange.  I didn't think The Young Guy knew me well enough to know that I love orange, but he did.  I still missed Mr. Guy, but the all orange room did make me happy.

Look at all of the orange!

Our bed was orange...

Our shower was orange...

I guess that you noticed that our den has both a bed and a bathroom.

Our telephone was orange...

Our sink had an orange stripe, though you can't see it in these pictures.  I think that you can in the one above.  Even without the orange, this was a cool sink!  It was sort of in the middle of our den, but that was OK.  It had a fancy light up mirror.  I had fun looking at my fur in this mirror.  I didn't even mind brushing it because I could watch for tangles so that I would not pull my fur and hurt my little monster body.

Eben "my office" was orange.  I sat here and made notes about all of the things that I wanted to tell you about.

Can you see my orange chair?

This is the view from my window.  We were staying right between Chinatown and Little Italy, whatever that means.

I really did miss Mr. Guy on this trip, but I have to admit that it was nice to have an entire half of the bed to myself rather than being squished between Mr. Guy and The Lady.

Speaking of having lots of room in the that I am home, I have my own bed back and I am very tired tonight.  Tomorrow I will tell you all about what we saw in New York.

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