Friday, June 16, 2017

Maker, Fixer, and Friend

I am working hard on my 100 People Project!

Mr. Paul came to our house today.  Actually, Mr. Paul comes to our house lots of days.  He makes stuff and fixes all the stuff that Mr. Guy and The Lady break.

Mr. Guy and The Lady have known Mr. Paul longer than they have known me!  Mr. Paul remodeled their house before they knew they were going have a little blue and orange furry monster.  He tore down walls and built new ones.  The Lady said that this was a good thing because some of the walls were kind of ugly pink.  I'm happy that Mr. Paul got rid of them and made blue walls for us!  He also made our kitchen.  Mr. Paul also built all of our cabinets.  He made showers and closets and tile floors and new lights.  And, he is the one who built all of the shelves in our new library.  I think that Mr. Paul can build anything!

He can also fix almost anything.  Today Mr. Paul came to our house because he fixed a wall hanging that The Lady knocked off the wall and broke.  If I had done that, I probably would have gotten in trouble!  Now I know that Mr. Paul's phone number is on our white board.  If I break anything, I will call him and I bet he can fix it before The Lady even notices that it is broken.  Mr. Paul also hangs all of the pictures on the wall for The Lady.  He does a much better job than she does.  Mr. Paul uses this metal strip with lots of numbers on it to tell him where the pictures should go.  He said it is called a tape measure, but it doesn't measure tape.  It measures the wall where pictures go.  Maybe it should be called a wall measure or a picture measure.   I have never seen The Lady use anything like this, whatever you want to call it, when she puts stuff on the wall.  She just bangs a nail in the wall and hopes that it is in the right place.  Most of the time its not.  That's probably why the wall hanging that Mr. Paul fixed fell off of the wall in the first place...The Lady is the one who put it on the wall.

Mr. Paul also comes and monster sits with me, the feline, and the canine monsters when Mr. Guy and The Lady are gone for a long time.  He takes good care of all of us!

When Mr. Paul is not making us new stuff or fixing our broken stuff, he makes cars.  Not the kind of cars that people and monsters ride in to go places...he makes little cars that people collect.  Mr. Paul is known by people all over the world because of the little cars that he makes.

I'm happy that Mr. Paul can make stuff and fix stuff for us, but more importantly, I am thankful that he is our friend.  Thank you Mr. Paul for everything.  I will try to keep Mr. Guy and The Lady from breaking things so you can have a rest!

Oh...thanks for wearing that bright orange shirt so that you would match me today!

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