Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Albus and Caeruleus

It has been busy, busy, busy at my house lately!  Our friend. Mr. Paul, finished building the shelves in our library which meant that The Lady had to put all of the books away on the new shelves.  That was a lot of work and I couldn't help much because I can only reach the second shelf.  She got everything cleaned up and now we can find all of our books and Mr. Guy and The Lady can read me lots of stories!  It's also a good thing that the library is neat and clean because we have had company!

My friend, Ms. Joni, came all the way from Wisconsin to visit me us!  I think she may like me best, but Ms. Joni is very nice and doesn't let Mr. Guy and The Lady know that.  She also came to help celebrate Mr. Guy's birthday.  Actually, lots of Mr. Guy's friends came to our house to celebrate his birthday. We all had fun.  I hope he did!

My b-day is coming up soon too!   My celebration is a little different though.  We don't know my exact birthday, so we celebrate my b-ringing home-day.  That day we know for sure, June 29!

After Mr. Guy's party, The Lady and Ms. Joni spent lots of time playing with their sticks and string.  They seemed to have lots of fun.  I think their sticks may be magic just like Mr. Sean's that he waved at the Turtle Creek Chorale.  Ms. Joni kept twisting her sticks and her string and like magic, a sock appeared!  The Lady's sticks and string magically made a baby blanket.  I hope there is not magically a baby to go with that blanket.  The canines at my house and I don't think that we need one of those!!!  I'm sure that The Lady is giving that blanket away.

The Lady and Ms. Joni also celebrated International Albinism Awareness Day  yesterday, June 13th.  They explained to me that it is a day to share awareness and educate people about albinism, the genetic condition that both The Lady and Ms. Joni have.  It is what makes their fur white and their eyes work not so well.  Apparently sometimes people tease and make fun of people with albinism because their fur and eyes make them stick out in a crowd and people think their are weird or scary.  I have met lots of The Lady's friends with white fur.  They aren't scary at all!  They are all friendly.  When Mr. Guy and I are with them, we stick out and maybe look weird because we have the differently colored fur!  I really don't think it matters what color your fur is.  I like my blue and orange fur, but I also like The Lady's and Ms. Joni's white fur, and Mr. Guy's gray fur.  But, I think I would like them all just as much if they had red fur or green fur or yellow fur or rainbow fur.  It is what is underneath people's and little monster's fur that is important.  It is what is in our hearts that says the most about all of us, not the color of our fur.

I'm happy that The Lady, Ms. Joni, and all of the white-furred people have a special day to tell people about albinism.  And I'm really happy that that day was one of the reasons that Ms. Joni came to visit us!

The word albinism comes from the Latin word albus, which means white.  I wonder if there is a special day for blue and orange-furred little monsters?  Maybe it would be called International Caerilism Awareness Day or maybe it would just be easier to say International Blue Fur Awareness Day.  Actually, it would just be easier to not have to have special days for people and monsters with all of the different colors of fur.  Do you think that that will ever happen?

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