Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Month of Me: Day 28 - Shelves, Books, and Words

Wow!  It looks like there was an explosion at my house!  All of the books that were on the shelves in the library are now in big stacks in the middle of the floor.  Mr. Paul is building us new shelves that are attached to the wall and that have more linear feet than we had before.  I don't know why we need shelves with more feet.  It seems kind of silly to give the shelves feet and then attach them to the wall so that they can't walk away.  If they didn't have feet then they couldn't walk.  And if they couldn't walk, then they wouldn't have to be attached to the wall.  I guess Mr. Paul, The Lady, and Mr. Guy know what they're doing, but it sure makes no sense to me.

And another thing that doesn't make sense to me...why do The Lady and Mr. Guy need all of those books in the first place?  The dictionary that they make me look at all the time has all of  the words in it.   So, having all the other books seem a little redundant.  (Redundant...I like that word!). Mr.  Guy said that the dictionary is just a list of all of the words, that it is different from all of the other books  The other books use those words to tell stories, write poems, and explain all kinds of things.  Now I get it!  Those other books are collages made from the pages in the dictionary!  That could be a fun thing to try!  I bet I could make a book!  I wonder if The Lady will let me borrow some scissors so that I can cut out my words from the dictionary .  

Should I use the words for a story?  Or a poem?  Or maybe I could explain something.  Maybe I make a book that explains why shelves don't need feet!

I think I am going to be a very busy little blue and orange furry monster this summer!

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  1. I remember exercises where we had to write about a mundane thing here on a planet earth from the perspective of an alien (or BluperB). I wish I'd known him way back then.