Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Month of Me: Day 30 - Bedtime Buddy

The Lady spent a lot of today playing with her sticks and string.  It is amazing to me how all those sticks and string that looks jumbled like spaghetti noodles can come out to be a bear.  I kept asking The Lady what she was making and she kept telling me that it was a bear, but I didn't believe her.  First it looked like a leg warmer.  Then it looked a sock for some hoofed animal.  Then it looked like a toe sock for someone with only two toes.  Then it got stuffed and looked like some knitted representation of bacteria.  Finally when it got a face and ears, the supposed bear really did look like a bear.  It was almost like magic.

The Lady told me that she would probably not finish the bear today.  That made me sad.  I wanted her to finish it so that I could sleep with it tonight.  She kept twisting her string around and around her needles trying to finish making the bear.  I even got to stay up and watch.  I did fall asleep while the news was on the TV.  It was nothing but yucky stories about guns and politics.  Neither of those things interests this little monster.  I woke up in time to watch Jimmy Fallon.  The Lady kept knitting.  Right before midnight, she finished the bear!!!

I hurried to write this so that I could cuddle up with it and go to sleep!

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