Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Month of Me: Day 31 - Guilty Pleasures

Today is both a happy day and a sad day at the same time.  I am happy that The Lady and I managed to write a post together every day for the whole month of May.  I am sad because this is the last day of May and we probably won't write every single day in any other month.  At least I know we can do it if we want to.  The Lady and I have a deal...we are going to write at least two posts a week and we are going to keep working on my 100 People Project.  Thank you to everyone who has read my posts this month and sent me messages and comments.  I am a happy little monster most of the time and I want to help put smiles on other people's faces as well.

About today's photo...

In some ways, it is a good thing that I don't have to write a post every night this week because I am a very busy little blue and orange furry monster right now.  I have rehearsals this week for my performances with the Turtle Creek Chorale this weekend.  I need to learn my words and practice my notes.  I also need to get better with my fur brush.  All of the men in the chorale wear fancy clothes and brush their fur so it is nice and neat.  I think I need to try and control my shaggy fur while I'm on stage.  I don't want to embarrass Mr. Guy, The Lady, and Mr. Stan, who is helping me with my music.

Learning all of those words and music notes is hard for a little monster who has never done this kind of thing before.  This afternoon, The Lady was busy cleaning the bathroom.  I was studying my score and resting a little before tonight's rehearsal.  Then I realized that all of that studying made me hungry.  I didn't want to interrupt The Lady's swishing of the toilet bowls, scouring of the soap scum in the shower, and scrubbing the dried toothpaste out of the sinks so I figured I'd help myself to a little snack.  Ice cream sounded good to me.  Does it sound good to you?  I dragged a stool over to the freezer and found the ice cream.  There was a container of chocolate and one of vanilla.  Chocolate sounded good.  Vanilla sounded boring.  Right as I was pulling the chocolate container from the freezer, here comes The Lady.  Uh oh!  I'm not supposed to help myself to food in the freezer without permission.  I thought that I might get in a lot of trouble, but The Lady didn't get mad a me.  Whew!  She knew that I was working very hard and that hard works makes little monsters very hungry.  The Lady scooped a ball of ice cream into two bowls, one for each of us.  We ate our ice cream together and talked about how much fun we've had this month with my blog.  She also made sure that my fur did not get chocolaty dirty.  Shaggy is one thing.  Chocolaty ice creamy dirty is another!  If I want to be a star, I certainly couldn't have ice cream in my fur when I went to rehearsal!

So, farewell May and A Month of Me and welcome June and my stage debut...and lots of other special things!

I'll keep you posted!

Monster hugs,
Blueper B

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